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 Muscadine Jelly

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Muscadine Juice
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Our friends sent us some MUSCADINE jellys and it they are wonderful. I havn't tasted muscadine's since I was a kid, and we sure enjoyed it. Thanks, Dan & Rosemary
We received a bottle of the white muscadine juice as a christmas gift.  I must say it was the most delicious I've ever tasted. I tasted so fresh as if it was straight of the vine!  the only thing missing was the "crunch" THANK-YOU for a wonderful product! M. Williams

I am from Ms, but live in Seattle,Wa now.  I was craving Muscadines when I found you on the internet. I ordered. I drank.  I was a little girl in Ms again!Incredible taste! Thanks, and please don't change it, and please keep making it! Sunny

Do you still carry the blueberry jam? I bought a jar when I was visiting a few weeks ago, and I can't seem to find it on your website.  I also bought a jar of the muscadine jelly, and I have to say it is awesome. Thanks, Al

I first tasted your Blackberry Jam while staying at the Maple Terrace Inn, Kosciusko, Mississippi.  My traveling companion from Massachusetts remarked on the excellent quality of your jam.

On a later trip I found your products in the Sunflower Market. The phone number on the label allowed me to order jams and jellies for my home as well as a Christmas present for my friend in New Bedford.

Your Blueberry Jam and your Blackberry Jam are world class! Mr. Rinaldi in Albany, California.

Love mayhaw jelly & live in Memphis. Mr. Jones.
I haven't had any of that delicious muscadine jelly since I was a kid on my grandparents' farm in Arkansas.  Mr. Peck.
While riding through the Natchez Trace yesterday, we bought a bottle of your Muscadine Juice.  A few minutes ago we opened it for a sip------OH MY Gosh------it was delicious!!!!!!!  I immediately came to your site to order a case.  We live in the southwest corner of Mississippi.  Ms. Freeman.
This is the first time I have had the blueberry jam and it is superb!!  Thanks so much for shipping so promptly - I was having severe withdrawal.  I had been out for several months.  Sincerely, Mrs. Woodward in Snellville, Georgia.
Our daughter who lives in Maben, MS sent us a gift crate of Blackberry & Muscadine jelly for Christmas 1999.  The crate was stuffed with Maroon/white paper...are you a MS State Fan or do you crate it for all the colleges?   I also want to say I enjoyed your products so much.  I was raised in the South, went to Blue Mountain College and it's been many years since I've had anything Muscadine.  I am in the north now and miss some of the tastes of the south.   Thanks for making your product.  Mrs. Conklin, Michigan.
Recently we were given a jar of your "Muscadine Hot Pepper Jelly" and my husband really enjoyed it.  Our problem is we can't find it in our area.  Would it be possible to purchase directly from your company?  Signed, Mrs. Potter in Wyoming
Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to make our garden club meeting such a big success last week.  The weather was perfect - your patio so attractive, your muscadine juice delicious, and your speech interesting and informative.  I believe everyone had a great time.  Hopefully we will all eat more berries and be healthy.   Thanks, Ms. Hughes in Mississippi
I just received a wonderful jar of Blackberry Jam! I would love to order more and was hoping you would send me a catalogue or order form.  Do you have other jams and jellies to choose from?  Pleas send me any info you have available.  Thank you, Ms. Juda in Mississippi.
I own a gourmet gift/food store in Corinth, MS.  As I made my usual stop on the way to Jackson this week, I purchased some of your jams & jellies.  They were Yummy!  Could you please send me information on any products you have?  Thank you so much, Ms. Gober in Mississippi.
Thank you so much for the jams and jellies.  They taste delicious!  I enjoyed going to your vineyard and seeing how you make the jellies.  The blueberry jam is delicious.  Ours never tastes that good.  Thanks again, The Parish's in Mississippi.
Thank you so much for the jars of jelly.  I look forward to trying the hot pepper muscadine jelly on lamb, like Dr. Jones does, and also eating the other jellies with hot buttered biscuits in the early morning. Yum!  Sincerely, Dr. O'Mara in Mississippi.
My brother just gave me some of your jellies & jams.  I have been interested in the Berry Farm for a long time.  Do you have material that you could send me?  We had blackberry jam for breakfast and it was delicious.  Thank you, Ms. McClure in Alabama.
While visiting in Kosciusko, I purchased some of your jellies.  I would like to obtain more.  Can you send me a price list, and a list of the other jellies you produce?  Yours truly, Ms. Warren in Ohio.
I recently purchased a jar of Muscadine Wine Jelly from Lake Lowndes State Park and it was WONDERFUL!!  I'd like to find out about purchasing more - How can I do that?  Being from Mississippi, I'd like to send relatives some, maybe at Christmas.  Thanks, Ms. Griffin in Alabama.
I am writing in hopes of getting some info on how we can purchase your Blackberry Jam.  We were visiting in Corinth, MS. & went to a market and bought a couple pints of your Black Jam.  We live in Minnesota & would like to know how we can get a case of your jam.  Signed, Ms. Fike in Minnesota.
I've been buying your jars of jellies since Maben Discount Foods first started carrying them.  I especially love the blueberry jelly.   Would it be possible for me to save money buying it directly from you by the case?   If so, please send me a list of all that you have and the prices.  Thanks, Ms. Turner in Mississippi.
I bought a jar of your Blueberry Jam in Tupelo while visiting.  It was delicious.  Do you have anyone in Mobile who buys from you all?  If not, do you ship.  If you do, please send a price list.  Thanks, Ms. Fritz in Alabama.


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