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September 5th, 2002

I haven't had any of that delicious muscadine jelly since I was a kid on my grandparents' farm in Arkansas.

Mr. Peck from ,
March 22nd, 2000

This is the first time I have had the blueberry jam and it is superb!!

Thanks so much for shipping so promptly - I was having severe withdrawal. I had been out for several months.

Mrs. Woodward from Snellville, Georgia
July 1st, 2002

While riding through the Natchez Trace yesterday, we bought a bottle of your Muscadine Juice. A few minutes ago we opened it for a sip

------OH MY Gosh------
it was delicious!!!!!!! I immediately came to your site to order a case.

Ms. Freeman from ,
January 2nd, 2019

We didn't actually go to this place, but we purchased their Muscadine Jelly at the Mount Locust Information Center on The Natchez Trace.

Golly......This jelly tasted like a mixture of grape jelly and honey. It was some of the best tasting jelly I have ever eaten in my life.

The next time I am on The Trace, I intend to stop at this place and stock up.

***I am writing this part of the review a couple of weeks after the first part. I have since purchased Muscadine Jelly from an online source. Got 2 jars of it. It can't good, but can't touch the jelly from Hillside.

So, I guess Hillside has me as a customer.

Go Sooners!!!

Terry from Glenpool, Oklahoma - United States
August 31st, 2010

Our friends sent us some MUSCADINE jellys and they are wonderful.
I haven't tasted muscadine's since I was a kid, and we sure enjoyed it.

Dan & Rosemary from ,
October 27th, 2017

Gifted with Mayhaw Jelly, we fell in love. It is in the opinion of this foodie, gourmet, and old cotton picker the world's premier jelly, and unfortunately, too much of a well kept secret! Thrilled with the ease of ordering on your website. Further will detour on trips to Natchez to visit the Dodd Family Kitchen in Kosciusko, Mississippi!

Patricia from Humboldt, Tennessee - United States
January 31st, 2010

We received a bottle of the white muscadine juice as a christmas gift. I must say it was the most delicious I've ever tasted. I tasted so fresh as if it was straight of the vine! the only thing missing was the "crunch" THANK-YOU for a wonderful product!

M. Williams from ,
February 15th, 1999

Thank you so much for the jams and jellies. They taste delicious!

I enjoyed going to your vineyard and seeing how you make the jellies.

The blueberry jam is delicious. Ours never tastes that good.

The Parish's from , Mississippi
May 28th, 2009

Do you still carry the blueberry jam? I bought a jar when I was visiting a few weeks ago, and I can't seem to find it on your website. I also bought a jar of the muscadine jelly, and I have to say it is awesome. Thanks!

Al from ,
January 6th, 2005

I first tasted your Blackberry Jam while staying at the Maple Terrace Inn, Kosciusko, Mississippi. My traveling companion from Massachusetts remarked on the excellent quality of your jam.

On a later trip, I found your products in the Sunflower Market. The phone number on the label allowed me to order jams and jellies for my home as well as a Christmas present for my friend in New Bedford.

Your Blueberry Jam and your Blackberry Jam are world class!

Mr. Rinaldi from Albany, California
December 28th, 2009

I am from Ms, but live in Seattle,Wa now. I was craving Muscadines when I found you on the internet. I ordered. I drank. I was a little girl in Ms again! Incredible taste! Thanks, and please don't change it, and please keep making it!

Sunny from Seattle, Washington
December 9th, 2016

Thank you for such delicious juice and jelly.
I really enjoyed the good taste of the south!
Missing home!

Again, thanks for the prompt order and wonderful tasting juice.

E. Anderson from ,
June 17th, 1998

I recently purchased a jar of Muscadine Wine Jelly from Lake Lowndes State Park and it was WONDERFUL!! I'd like to find out about purchasing more. How can I do that? Being from Mississippi, I'd like to send relatives some, maybe at Christmas. Thanks!

Ms. Griffin from , Alabama
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